MasterCard’s history

5 May 2015

MasterCard’s history was originally known as Interbank or Master Charge. This institution initiated by some banks in California that aims to rival Americard Bank issued by Bank of America, which eventually changed its name to Visa credit cards by Visa Incorporation. From the year 1966-1979, MasterCard known as Interbank and Master Charge. Banks are becoming pioneers MasterCard is United California Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, Crocker National Bank, and the Bank of California. In 1966, the California bank groups formed the Interbank Card Association (ICA). With the help of New York’s Marine Midland Bank, or now HSBC Bank USA, the banks joined the ICA to establish the Master Charge: The Interbank Card.


In 1968, MasterCard International indicate an alliance with Eurocard. With this agreement MasterCard gain access to the European market, while Eurocard joined under the banner of MasterCard. In 1972 the British finally officially joined the alliance between MasterCard and Eurocard. Switching to 1979, Master Charge: The Interbank Card renamed MasterCard, and buy Access card of England in ’90s. Entering the new millennium in 2002, MasterCard International joined Europay International SA;