Indonesian operators are currently known with low rates of internet pr

5 May 2015

Indonesian operators are currently known with low rates of i promotion is Axis. Yes, one of the Indonesian operator company we know as Axis has the full name of PT. AXIS Telekom Indonesia. In a note [** history ** Axis] “), the previous operator of the company is not named Axis but PT. Natrindo Phones. GSM products were made was the same as the name of the company now is Axis. Then how history Axis next? Read this article. [Axis History ** **] .  “Historical Axis Telekom Indonesia, Operator with Fastest Growth”) began when Axis was named PT. Natrindo Cell Phones, the company is part of the Lippo Group, Natrindo itself is a mobile telecommunications operator of GSM 1800 MHz in Indonesia which initially focused on the region of East Java, around the month of May 2011 with the trademark of Lippo Telecom. Having managed to have a license, the company Natrindo later acquired by Maxis Communications Berhard. Then about a month in June 2007, half stock Natrindo also acquired by the Saudi Telecom Company. As a result, shares owned by Maxis in Natrindo only about 44%. Until now, Axis has developed [2G] ( “) and its 3G to almost all corners of the ci in Indonesia. In the history of Axis, change the company name from PT. Natrindo Phones become PT. Axis Telekom Indonesia do around dated June 7, 2011 under the approval of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights. Axis product itself was launched around April 2008 with a coverage area of ​​Java and Bali at the beginning of Axis operates. But today, nearly 80% more Axis range includes areas in Indonesia, such as Sumatra, Sulawesi, Lombok, Bali and others. According to records, AXIS is already available in 400 cities across Indonesia. Axis claimed to be the fourth largest operator in terms of coverage area. Arguably, Axis is the operator [GSM] (20 Years of GSM Calls First Do”) National is growing very fast in Indonesia, not only provide 2G and 3G services but also providing BlackBerry services that span the entire globe with roaming partners * * more than 300 out of 150 countries. When it launched its first product, the company AXIS system has a different approach by offering to its customers, with products and services that simple AXIS provides a transparent tariff to the community. They challenged the market norm in which to present offers that are without hidden terms and conditions as well as other operators.




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